We are better together


It is imperative that leadership and the community are aware that sports and recreation is a genuine mission field as much as any other group that the church ministers do. Sports, is a universal language that cuts through the barriers of race, tribe, culture and class, with the potential in evangelism, discipleship, and the enjoyment of Christian fellowship. Since invention of sports in the early Roman days, sport has largely been a major contributor in pulling people together for instance, the past concluded World cup tournament in Brazil. All classes, nations, kingdoms, races, and tribes came together as one.

Sport as an avenue for evangelism is largely an ignored, or a forgotten avenue for effective ministry. Many church ministries do not have a wing for ministering to these categories of people, who are interested in sports. The idea is to help our sports personalities and sports enthusiasts have an enriching relationship with Christ Jesus. 93% of the world populations are affected by sports. We are basically given gifts and talents to use; many do not exploit these talents and gifts, while others worship the gifts and talents to some extent instead of worshiping the true God. The project shall focus its energy in allowing leadership and discipleship in our program, thus enhance the right kind of worship through our talents.

We envisage establishing the project base in Nairobi County, which is the capital city of Kenya but gradually expanding outreach activities to target the entire country of Kenya.