We are better together


Zagaa Sports Foundation was founded by Hamisi Ogaya who had a passion and talent in sports right from his early age. He grew up away from his biological family and brought up by guardians since his teenage age, he went through lots of struggles in life with no one to turn to for the hope and support he needed by that time, which led him to abandoning his future dream of pursuing his talent and worked to supporting himself, hence failed to achieve what he could at his early moments of life.
This was due to lack of proper support and mentorship towards his talents. No one was there to give him the hope and inspiration he needed to succeed in life. He has therefore decided to create an arena to give that hope and a future to the young and talented players, to realize the significant of a talent and how to maximize on their full potential in sports. He also dream of building Sports Centre or a home for them.
Coupled with a wealth of experience in life as a football player and a whole life skill coach. The founder is passionate to build a residential Sports Centre and give every talented child in their sports and education an opportunity to fulfill and exploits their GOD given dreams in Kenya and later expands to East Africa